Teamsite Preview prompting for IIS authentication

After installing Teamsite 6.5 on Win2k3, when trying to preview .html or .asp pages with IIS, IIS was prompting for authentication. Getting to the root of the problem found that the TSIMP_hostname userid password didn’t match with the one specified in the IIS directory security. Reseting the password and specifying the same in IIS made it work.


6 thoughts on “Teamsite Preview prompting for IIS authentication

  1. Hi Pradeep,

    We are running this issue in 7.3. Any other hind on what else could go wrong?

  2. Sorry, it’s TeamSite 7.3.1, IIS 7.0 and yes, it is just preview. I am suspecting what you have outlined in your post and the error definitely is in that area but I just can’t seem to pin-point on a particular issue. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks

  3. Let me check, I remember after a fresh install, it was prompting for a password. Let me check my VM and post back the settings for IIS7

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