Access DCT Tabs elements using FormAPI

I have a situation where we are using tabs within the DCT’s. Here is my sample structure of the DCT.

root-container combination=”and” name=”press” location=”press”>
tab name=”Presentation”>
container name=”header” label=”Header” location=”header” min=”0″ max=”3″ default=”0″>
item name=”h1″ pathid=”h1″ label=”Heading”>
database data-type=”VARCHAR(100)” />
text required=”t” maxlength=”100″ />

I do have other tabs within the DCT. Now the problem. I’m trying to set the visibility of item h1 using FormAPI. The script is shown below


When I try to access this item, it throws
“IWDatacapture.getItem(“/press/Heading/head/h1″) has no properties”

When I remove the container and try to access this item h1, it works fine.


Reference the container number

Old Code

Modified Code


One thought on “Access DCT Tabs elements using FormAPI

  1. I want to set the values from one datatype’s (DATATYPE1) dcr to other datatype’s dcr (DATATYPE2). Also want the DATATYPE2 dcr to open in a new window.

    I got the handle of the second DATATYPE2 dcr by using the following code.

    Var targetHandle = (temp); where temp- URL of DATATYPE2 dcr

    How can I access the DATATYPE2 dcr’s formapi object for setting the value?

    Once I get access to that object I can proceed doing…..api.IWDatacapture.getItem (XXX).setValue (YY);

    I need ur help for this problem..

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