MySQL Eventsubsystem Connection Parameters



evictionInterval=”3600″ />



2 thoughts on “MySQL Eventsubsystem Connection Parameters

  1. Hi Pradeep,

    your blog is really very usefull.Thanks a lot for this.

    But now i am facing an issue in teamsite reagarding evetn subsystem.

    Can u please tel me ,how many possible ways to enable event subsystem?

    one way is in iw.cfg, that i know.but wat is happening in my application is , event thought in iw.cfg event subsysyem is set to false.still it is updating the database.

    So i want to know,is there any other ways to enable event subsyem in teamsite.

  2. Hi,

    Which version of TeamSite are you working on? Check for iw-home\eventsubd\conf\jmsconfignew.xml and comment the database section of the file. Or copy n paste the config file in here.


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