CC Url for Task Transition

If you would want your emails to contain “Task Transition Labels” like “Accept”, “Reject”. The standard CCI Url provided by IWOV is not sufficient. Based on the CC interface you are allowing the user to transition here are the URL’s to task transition

CC Professional


CC Standard


Hope this helps.

Access DCT Tabs elements using FormAPI

I have a situation where we are using tabs within the DCT’s. Here is my sample structure of the DCT.

root-container combination=”and” name=”press” location=”press”>
tab name=”Presentation”>
container name=”header” label=”Header” location=”header” min=”0″ max=”3″ default=”0″>
item name=”h1″ pathid=”h1″ label=”Heading”>
database data-type=”VARCHAR(100)” />
text required=”t” maxlength=”100″ />

I do have other tabs within the DCT. Now the problem. I’m trying to set the visibility of item h1 using FormAPI. The script is shown below


When I try to access this item, it throws
“IWDatacapture.getItem(“/press/Heading/head/h1″) has no properties”

When I remove the container and try to access this item h1, it works fine.


Reference the container number

Old Code

Modified Code

TeamSite FronOffice Permission Issue

After installation of Front Office on TeamSite 6.7.1 when I configure the TFO client on the default store, it works fine. When I add a second store to the TFO server and try to configure the client, it throws a “Permission Denied” error. After analysis I found that you need to create a network share for the store that needs TFO enabled. Though most administrators don’t share the folders. No options left.

Note: After installation of TFO server reboot your machine, because even the default store throws permission error.

OpenDeploy Fails to Start – ERROR – SQLException: User not found: SA

Wondering what if you get this line of error in your OD logs. Navigate to OD_HOME\db
and ensure that schedDB.script has this piece of line on it.


If it doesn’t, delete/rename to .bak and then restart OD service. This will resolve the error. This error is possible when the schedDB.script will is corrupted.