Teamsite Preview prompting for IIS authentication

After installing Teamsite 6.5 on Win2k3, when trying to preview .html or .asp pages with IIS, IIS was prompting for authentication. Getting to the root of the problem found that the TSIMP_hostname userid password didn’t match with the one specified in the IIS directory security. Reseting the password and specifying the same in IIS made it work.


Internet Explorer 6 SP1 – KB905915 fails TeamSite ContentCenter to load in IE

The recent patch for IE 6 (KB905915) was released by Microsoft. After the patch installation, the TeamSite UI fails to load with IE, throws javascript errors(Object not defined) and loads a blank page. This issue is addressed in IE MSDN blog. Reason is although listed, uninstalling or removing the registry key listed in the blog, doesn’t seems to resolve this issue. Requesting developers/admins to watch out for this bug.

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TeamSite 6.5 Eventsubsystem Manual Install

To configure MSSQL server as the database for event subsystem, you need to perform the following steps:

* Create a database schema using create_sqlserver.sql file located under c:\iw-home\eventsubsystem\conf\ddl directory
* Copy the jar files, mssqlserver.jar, msutil.jar, and msbase.jar, from the MSSQL server lib directory to the c:\iw-home\eventsubsystem\lib directory
* Edit the registry key to include the path of the JDBC driver file: \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control\Services\iweventsubd\parameters\JVM Option Number 0
* Delete the events.lock file if it is located under the iw-home\eventsubsystem directory
* Make the following changes in the jmsconfignew.xml file located under iw-home\eventsubsystem\conf directory
* Restart the event subsystem service.

Internal JNI Error While Logging into TeamSite 6.5

You may sometimes receive an Internal JNI Error while trying to login to TeamSite. To resolve this error, you need to do the following;

1. Rename the libeay32.dll file under C:\WINNT\system32 directory.
2. Copy the libeay32.dll from C:\iw-home\sharedll to C:\WINNT\system32 directory.
3. Run iwreset -a to restart all the services.

You may now be able to successfully log into TeamSite.

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TeamSite 6.5 GroupTask Permission Denied

When we migrated from W2K to W2K3, we had to migrate the backing store of TeamSite. Everything went to well, but sooner we realised that we weren’ able to take ownership of existing workflows.
New workflows created were as smooth as “Sandpiper”. During debugging sessions we realised that the job xml was pointing to the old server

We had to run the iwaddtaskgroup “group name”. Later everything started working fine.

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Teamsite 6.5 Licence Issue

Today during my first TS installation, I came across a few issues after installation.
1) I had a dynamic IP address on my machine, which Teamsite doesn’t allow. So I had to change to manual
2) Licence key was invalid, I checked up \Teamsite\install\tsisvalid.log and tslicinfo.log, the problem was I machine didn’t had a domain, so during licence generation I had mentioned the domain name same as machinename. So with that combination Teamsite generated a licence key casuing problems. I had give NoDomainName in the domain-name field.

Shaamzaam it started to work. Cool isn’t it….

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Teamsite 6.5 Event Subsystem not starting

As I was trying to install Teamsite Verity search today, I found that Index service after installation didn’t start. When i digged into the logs, found this strange error

[24 Mar 2005 11:38:41,710] INFO com.interwoven.hunter.index.Listener (main) – Looking for event system …
[24 Mar 2005 11:38:41,722] FATAL com.interwoven.hunter.index.IndexServer (main) – Error in initialization of the Index Manager
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error initializing Listener for Interwoven
at com.interwoven.hunter.index.Listener.(
at com.interwoven.hunter.index.IndexServer.startListeners(
at com.interwoven.hunter.index.IndexServer.main(
Caused by: javax.naming.NamingException: Failed to connect to JNDI provider [Root exception is Connection refused]

Later I had to search to the forumns and found that Index service is dependent and Event Subsystem. Now when try to start the Event Subsystem, it wasn’t starting. When looking to the logs at /servletd/logs found this series of messages

2005-09-25 11:41:24,452 [JMSBridge] ERROR com.interwoven.bridge100 () – Unable connect to IWOV JNDI provider.
2005-09-25 11:41:24,452 [JMSBridge] ERROR com.interwoven.bridge100 () – Msg: Failed to connect to JNDI provider

Now, how to start this event subsytem. All I had to do was delete a file named openjms.lg residing under Teamsite\eventsubsytem. Now I started my event subsystem services, it all worked fine.