TeamSite Import Event

If you ever want to write some TeamSite triggers on Import Event, the event to capture is not CreateFSE or Lock. It’s RenameFSE, cos TeamSite before the file isimported create a new filename in temporary location. You need to capture ARGV[6] in your script to get the actual original filename. So in brief

Register the event
iwat RenameFSE /apps/xxxxx/script.ipl

In the script capture $import_rename = $ARGV[6];

Hope this helps.


2 thoughts on “TeamSite Import Event

  1. Teamsite 6.7.1 trying to implement Disaster Recovery, Teamsite is installed on SAN. Unable to start on the DR server due to unavialable of iwvwfs device drivers. But couldn’t copy from primary server. My question is: do we need to install Teamsite on DR server and delete later to install the drivers.


  2. Hi Pradeep,

    Can you please explain it in more details ?

    How can I register the triggers on Import Event and get the file name in my DCT.

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